Easy, Simple & Practical

Girdle Turki Seeks For Simplicity & Practicality In Design,
Crafted With The Finest Materials

We chose Girdle Turki as our brand name not only for its uniqueness, but also the philosophy behind it. As we know, Turkey is a muslim country. But, there is a cross – cultural between Islamic and European in term of fashion. As slim wear is our core business, we tried to mix both cultural values into a masterpiece, which explained why we came out with this skirt type girdle.

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It has “spring coil technology” for flexibility and will follow your body curve. That spring coil is durable and prevents the girdle from rolling.

No More Saggy Buttock

It comes with butt lifter function. This wondrous girdle will make your backside looks more uplifting and curvaceous.

Structural Bones

Utilizing a structural bones to grip your flabby part. Able to maintain and support the sagginess of your body features.


A combination of fabric that easy to wear without concerned the tightness. It expands and allows the air to flow.


We serve the best quality of material that infamous for it flexibility and durability.


365 days return, replacement and 100% money back guarantee.
Because we believe that you will feel the confidence too.

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